dent no more

are you looking to get rid of those hair ties that dent and damage your hair?

stretchy elastic hair ties from the twist band and/or mane message is the best solution. these elastic hair ties are so popular right now. i was recently introduced to them by my sister-in-law and love them. i currently have them in grey, black and brown, and plan to get them in every other color.

although they are more expensive than what one is used to spending on hair ties, they are worth every penny. they don’t dent or damage your hair, are sold in a variety of colors/styles, and can be doubled and used as a bracelet.

you’ll find that many other places like anthropologie sell them but the color/style selection isn’t as good as the aforementioned.

if these hair ties are not in your budget, you could always try and make them yourself. i think you’d save a lot of money by making them yourself and it looks like they’d be easy to make.

here’s a link to the step by step instructions on how to make them:

diy stretchy elastic hair ties

have you seen or heard of these hair ties? are they something you might be interested in purchasing or making?

let me know your thoughts.